About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Team Viper™ is the only Hunter Display Team in the World. Flying Supersonic Hawker Hunter jets, Team Viper convey an aura of classical elegance, which we affectionately describe as Power, Heritage and Soul.

As the only such team in the World, we aim to show these unique and incredible fighter jets and classic jet aviation, in a way that is both elegantly extreme and totally unique.

The team is named after the Rolls Royce Viper engine found in our original team of Strikemaster jets.

The team is completely unique being both privately owned and flown by military pilots from the British Royal Air Force.

Based in the UK, the team flies around the World from Sweden to Abu Dhabi displaying for royalty, celebrities and aviation enthusiasts and everything in between.

As a British designed aircraft, the Hunter was a significant export success flown by many air forces around the World and has a fantastic heritage globally giving us a warm welcome wherever we go.