Your Branding Partner

As a mobile air asset, Team Viper can fly to any function at any suitable location around the globe.

Experienced in working with the international media (e.g. BBC) and bring the necessary skills, capability and professionalism to take your global brand to powerful and new heights.

Extensive experience of working with film and live broadcast TV and available for specialist air-to-air work for unique photoshoots for advertising and other great imagery.

Offers a unique location backdrop for any advertising and product photographic shoot, bringing a new dimension to your brand.

Aircraft are equipped with advanced broadcast quality HDTV cameras, bringing your Brand into immediate visible impact via media channels around the world.

Uses the same type of transmitters used in Formula One, giving you a completely unique combination of air-to-air and air-to-ground imagery.

The Hunter

Incredible heritage and pedigree, and famed for its unique combination of elegance and performance.

Designed by Sir Sidney Camm who also designed the Hawker Hurricane - famously known for its role in the Battle of Britain.

Often known as the 'Spitfire of the Jet Age' because of its formidable combination of power and handling which fighter pilots often dream about.

Weighing over nine tonnes, and with a thrust in excess of 10,000 lbs, it produces a spectacular sight and a fantastic noise at over 600 mph known as the 'Hunter Blue Note' - an iconic sound in jet aviation.

Still holds the World Record for the largest formation ever flown, involving 22 aircraft from the Black Arrows.

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