Media & Television

Photography, Video and Broadcasting.

TV Broadcasting

We fly with some of most advanced aviation filming capabilities in the world. Each of our aircraft is equipped with broadcast-quality HDTV cameras, which are used by broadcasters around the world for a wide range of action and extreme sports.

The footage can also be beamed to the ground, live, allowing you to bring the action close into the audience. Our special audio system combines in-cockpit intercom, which can also be broadcast to the ground down the live-link system.

We have members of the team who used to work for the BBC specialising in outside broadcasts so we have a very good idea of what you may require, however please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Dedicated Camera Aircraft

As well as our display team we can also supply a dedicated camera aircraft & helicopter platform.

Working with fantastic cameraman and photographers including Frans Daley who has twice been nominated as one of the best aviation photographers in the world.

Between our air assets, camera team and your own TV and camera crews we can deliver something unique for you that will help bring your own vision and imagery to life.