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The Viper lineup for 2011 is...

Chris Heames

Squadron Leader - Viper 1

Chris has a fantastic background as a display pilot having well over 6,000 jet hours displaying aircraft as diverse as the Yak Hunter, Phantom, Lightning and Tornado. He brings an incredible depth of professionalism and expertise to display flying.

Mark Southern

Viper 3

Mark is an ex military RAF fast jet pilot, recently flying the Tornado F3 and was a qualified flying instructor on the Jet Provost amassing over 6,000 hours on this aircraft alone and recently worked out that he has spent over two years of his life in the air. He now flies the 757 and 767 as a training captain for Thomas Cook.

Dan Arlett

Squadron Leader - Viper 4

Dan is a current fast jet pilot flying the Tornado F3 as Flight Commander on Treble-One Fighter Squadron at RAF Leuchars and is responsible for flying standards and evaluation on the Tornado F3 aircraft. He has been an active display pilot since 2004 successfully displaying Hunters, Strikemasters, Jet Provosts, Yaks and Extras and the Tornado F3 as part of the RAF Role Demonstration Team. Dan is the deputy team leader, so can move around the team as well as flying in the Viper 5 slot. He has over 5,000 flying hours.

Andy Gillet

Viper 5

Andy was a fast jet pilot for the RAF where he became both a Qualified Flying Instructor and Qualified Weapons Instructor, for many years flying the Hunter, Hawk and Jaguar. He flew as a Senior Captain for Cathay Pacific, ran his own flying school, and when not flying with Team Viper now flies as an Airbus Captain for easyJet. He has in excess of 15000 flying hours .